You are probably asking yourself right now, "Why is it we are not using the American Flag?".  The answer lies with the same question you just asked, but you do not want to see the truth to it.  So, I will be frank and get it out there so the blind may see.

Every party in the U.S. has used the American flag, not as a symbol of being an American, but as a symbol as an American Trademark.  Nobody really respects the flag the way they are supposed to.  If you were to tell someone not to fly the American flag in the rain, they would probably look at you and tell you to shut up or something to that fact.  

The Tea Party and all other "patriotic parties" out there us it to arouse you and to get you to pay into their bank accounts.  You shell out as much money as you can in high hopes of something happening, yet nothing really ever gets solved.  Think that isn't so, then ask yourself why is Obama and his communist regime still in office?  Why are they not being held accountable for the actions they have been involved in since 2008?  I can keep going and going, but you get the point.

Then comes to the question, why our flag?  What does it symbolize?  Well, the red and white stripes actually came from one of the very first American Flags.  It is something no group really uses or even throws out to the American Public.  Then you have the "wolf hook" design.  What many don't know is, it is the symbol used by the Werewolf units of Germany at the close of WWII to keep fighting communism.  Nobody will ever tell you that though, it is the truth.  We have decided to adopt that symbol to show the communists that nobody will forget their evil deeds and we will prevail over them once again.

So you don't like the symbol because of its roots.  That's okay as well.  Think of every country in the world, to include the U.S.  Think about all of the bad that happened in the past.  If our ancestors sat and thought about all of those negative things all of the time, we would have never achieved our freedom the way we did.  We would not have the luxuries that these communists are trying to take away today.  You take the positive things and use them to make a better future.  In this case, we are taking a symbol that all communists are aware of, to include internationally.  This shows them they will not have long in their reign of terror on the free world.  So act like you give a damn and start fighting for you freedom just as our ancestors did when they fought for their independence during the first Revolution!!  Join the Nationalist Party of America today and lets take our country back!!!

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